WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: Emily Leslie (2018)

EMILY LESLIE (left RGS in 2018)

I left RGS with the hopes of going to university as I believed that was the next step for me to take. When I didn’t get into my first choice, I decided to take a gap year, to work, travel and redo the exam I wasn’t happy with. During this time, an amazing opportunity presented itself at a new 5-star hotel, Grantley Hall. The vacancy was for a business administration apprentice to work within the human resources team. Once I visited the site and met the team, I knew I wanted the job. Within two days of me applying for the role I had been invited to an interview, and two weeks after that I had been offered the position.

The opportunities which have been presented to me in the time I have been with Grantley Hall are endless. While working towards my business administration qualification I have also become a mental health first aider, a World Host ambassador, received my customer service Level 2 qualification, and so much more. I love every minute of my apprenticeship and am constantly being challenged and given more responsibility. I get to work with incredible people with extensive experience in what they do, ranging from marketing, food and beverage and, my personal favourite, human resources. From day one of my apprenticeship, I knew a role within human resources is what I wanted to pursue.

Apprenticeships are an incredible opportunity for young people as they give you the relevant qualifications for the career you wish to pursue. We offer a wide range of job opportunities for young people at Grantley Hall, and the care and passion that management and the owners put into every member of the team’s development is incredible and extremely rare in a working environment. I count myself very fortunate to be lucky enough to work here.