Where they're heading next: A-level results round-up

From aerospace engineering to classics, economics, fashion design, medicine and veterinary science, we caught up with a number of students at RGS as they picked up their results to find out more about where they're heading next

Layla Osman
, 17, (pictured above) from Ripon will study aerospace engineering at the University of Manchester after being awarded an A* in maths and two As in chemistry and physics. Layla, who hopes to become an RAF pilot and eventually go into Space said she was ‘very happy’ with her results. “I have a passion for maths and physics and a love for Space. To become an astronaut is my dream job,” she said.

Jasper Wood, 18 (pictured bottom, third left) from outside Bedale, will be studying engineering at Durham University after being awarded a clean sweep of A*s in maths, chemistry and physics, alongside an A* in his extended project qualification (EPQ). RGS head boy, he was also captain of the swim team and involved in a number of drama productions, alongside his part-time job in a local pub: “ I had to work hard in order to balance my time effectively. But the challenge of being head boy was a fantastic experience and really helped me develop as a person. He added: The circumstances this year seem absolutely crazy to me still and it was slightly upsetting to leave so abruptly; despite this I hope we have all come out with grades that reflect the hard work I know we have all put in over the past two years. I’m really happy with my grades, even though it was a bit uncertain. I just want to get on with the rest of my life now,” said Jasper, who wants to work in the automotive industry.

Amy Crompton, 18, (pictured bottom, second right, and above) from Ripon, will be studying osteopathy at the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone after being awarded two A*s in classics and chemistry and an A in biology: "I want to help people recover from injuries without the need of medication or surgery, particularly having seen first-hand the struggle of varying sports injuries," she says.

Lewis O'Donnell
, 18, (pictured above) from North Stainley, will study physical natural sciences at the University of Durham after being awarded a clean sweep of A*s in maths, further maths, chemistry and physics and an A in his EPQ. A talented cricketer and rugby player, Lewis has juggled his studies with a demanding sports schedule in addition to his part-time job as a waiter, playing cricket up to four times a week, involving multiple days off school, throughout the year and rugby twice a week in winter.

Emmi Scaife, 18, (pictured top far left and above) from Ripon, will be studying classics at the University of Oxford after being awarded two As and a B grade, in maths, product design and classical civilisation. Emmi, who writes a classics newsletter outside school and also teaches young Chinese students English, said: “It has been a stressful five months waiting for these results, and I wish we could have taken the exams, however I realise it wasn’t possible and it was a unique challenge.” Although she may appeal one of her grades, she added: “I’m really happy with the majority of my results.”

Emily Koscik-Jones, 18, (pictured above) from Cundall, will be studying fashion design at Northumbria University after being awarded two A*s in English literature and business studies and As in fine art and product design. She said: “I am really happy with my results considering the uncertain situation we received them in.” Emily, who makes and sells her own jewellery range, added  “I have really enjoyed managing orders and having something else creative to do alongside schoolwork.”

Susannah Morgan,
18, (pictured above) from outside Wetherby, will take a fine art foundation degree at Leeds Arts University before applying to study history of art at Oxford, Edinburgh, Newcastle or Warwick after being awarded A*s in art and English literature and an A in psychology. A talented musician, and a member of a number of choirs as well as a lead violinist in a number of orchestras, in addition to taking part in school musical productions, she says: “During sixth form, I had to juggle my time between my academic and musical studies.” She adds: “I am proud of the results I've achieved today because, although we were somewhat robbed of a chance to 'prove' our skills and hard work, it's a reflection of the hours of work I've put in over the past two years. I am really proud of my results and am confident that I will be able to get where I want to be in the future."

Emma Belward, 18, (pictured above) from Ripon, will study medicine and surgery at Newcastle University after being awarded A grades in biology, chemistry and maths. As head girl and a member of school choirs, as well as performing a leading role in this year’s school musical production, Emma, who also volunteered in a care home and attended Stagecoach drama classes, has had lots to juggle alongside her studies: “I have loved doing lots of different extra-curricular activities, it’s been so much fun. Studying medicine has been my goal for quite a long time now so it feels very surreal that I can officially say it’s happening. I am so pleased to have gotten in.”

George Morris, 18, (pictured centre, top and above) from Middleton Quernhow, will be studying medicine and surgery at the University of Sunderland after receiving three A grades in chemistry, biology and physics with an A* EPQ. A school prefect and school pool lifeguard, he volunteered at a care home as part of preparation for medical studies: "I'm so pleased to have been accepted to study medicine. It is such a difficult course to get on to and I'm grateful to RGS for all the guidance they gave me throughout the long application process. It's daunting to have five years of study ahead of me but I'm sure it will all be worth it."

Araminta Praud, 18, (pictured bottom far left and above) from Kirby Hill, will be studying chemical engineering at the University of Nottingham after being awarded three As in maths, chemistry and physics and an A* in her EPQ: “I am just so relieved to get the grades I needed to go on to university. It’s been a happier day than I expected,” she said. Araminta, who was involved in Young Enterprise and ran lower school science clubs as well as volunteering in lessons and helping out at her local primary school, said: “I would just say the uncertainty has been really unsettling and it’s disappointing we didn’t get the opportunity to take our exams. However, I’m grateful RGS has prepared us over the last seven years so that even in these incredibly uncertain circumstances, we are still confident to go ahead to the next stages of our lives.”

Joseph Foster, 18, (pictured bottom far right and above) of Kirby Hill, is looking forward studying economics and politics at the University of Edinburgh after being awarded A*in economics and As in maths and chemistry. Joseph, who is hoping for a career in private equity, says he will always have fond memories of RGS because of great friendships formed and the academic success he was encouraged to strive for.

Sophie Jones, 18, (pictured bottom, second right) from Harrogate, will now study modern languages at the University of Bristol after being awarded A in German, Bs in French and history and an A in her EPQ.

Eddie Henson, 18, (pictured bottom, third right) from Winksley, will study veterinary science at the University of Liverpool after being awarded As in biology and chemistry and an A* in art.

Ryan Allsopp, 18 (pictured top, second right) from Ripon, will begin an engineering apprenticeship with the Royal Navy after being awarded As in maths, chemistry and history.

Lachlan Moon, 18 (pictured above) from Sicklinghall, will study MORSE (maths, operational research, statistics and economics) at the University of Warwick after being awarded A* and three As in maths, chemistry, economics and further maths. "I am so relieved to have got into the university of my choice," he says. Read more here.

Patrick Stone, 18 (pictured above) from Oswaldkirk, has set his sights on completing an adventurous international trek before applying to study philosophy at university after being awarded a clean sweep of A*s in history, religious studies, chemistry and EPQ. Read more here.

Sebastián Lyons (pictured above) from Ripon, was awarded a clean sweep of A*s in chemistry, economics, maths and EPQ. He will be volunteering in Nepal and travelling in Asia before taking up a place to study economics and politics at the University of Bath. Read more here.

Team GB cyclist Abi Smith, 18 (pictured above) from outside Helmsley,  is considering deferring her place to study biological sciences at Loughborough University to focus on her cycling full-time. She was awarded A* grades in geography and PE and an A in biology. Read more here.

Tabitha Milton, 18 (pictured above) from outside Thirsk, is looking forward to studying politics, philosophy and economics at Durham University after being awarded a clean sweep of A*s in maths, chemistry, economics, English literature and her EPQ. ‘I want to thank my amazing teachers,’ she says. Read more here.

Grace Withyman, 18 (pictured above) from Ripon, will travel in Australia, Asia and the States during her gap year before taking up a place to study psychology at the University of Bristol after being awarded A*s in art and her extended project with As in English literature and psychology. Read more here.

Above: l-r Araminta Praud, Sophie Jones, Jasper Wood, Tabitha Milton, Eddie Henson, Amy Crompton and Joe Foster
Top: l-r Emmi Scaife, Lisa Thorpe, George Morris, Ashleigh Spencer, Ryan Allsopp and Sophie Jones
*Following the publication of this article, the government's change of policy resulted in amended A-level results for RGS students