DfE Data Collection

Dear Parents

The DfE is now collecting nationality data about pupils in the statutory returns that schools have to send three times a year. This means that schools will now have to record nationality and country of birth on a pupil’s school record. We have not been required to record this data before, so we do not have a note of it in our records.


Pupil nationality is that which is stated by the parent/guardian. Pupil nationality would be expected to appear on, or be derived from, a passport or EU identity card. For pupils with dual nationality, more than one nationality may be recorded.


Country of birth is the country in which the child was born as stated by the parent/guardian. The country of birth would be expected to appear on, or be derived from, the child’s birth certificate or passport.

I would be grateful if you could provide this information by emailing lancasterc@ripongrammar.co.uk.

Student name:


Country of birth:

Nationality :

Please note that you can choose to opt out of providing this information

If you wish to opt out please reply as below

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Kind regards

Chantal Lancaster (Miss)

Data Manager/Examinations Officer

Exams and Admissions