A Level Preparation

Please follow the links below for preparation work for the relevant subject you intend to study at A Level. It is essential that you read the information carefully and follow all of the instructions from staff. Most of the work will need to be completed for the start of term but some will need to be emailed into staff before the start of term, please make note of what needs emailing into school.

This transition work is a vital part of ensuring that you are fully ready for your sixth form studies. the step up from GCSE to A Level work is significant and you will be starting with your new subjects at a fast pace. In order to be at the correct starting point, and building your confidence, you must complete the work for your chosen subjects before you start in September.

Textbooks & Reading Materials

You do not need to buy the textbooks or reading books at this stage, most will be supplied at school once you start with us. However, if you can read some of them online, e.g. via the online library, then please do so.


Project work for Art A Level - Art project


Workbook 1 - Maths Skills

Workbook 2 - Transition Guide

Workbook 3 - A Level Specification

Workbook 4 - Student Booklet


Preparation work for A Level -Business Workbook


Bridging the Gap - Chemistry Workbook


You are not expected to read all of the texts in this document, instead it will give you an idea of what you will be covering and you will find it helpful to have read some of them, and be familiar, with these texts prior to starting in September.

Reading List - general, text books, poetry, Greek theatre and recommended websites


Good Designs Powerpoint - Workbook


Preparation work for A Level - Economics workbook


Documents to help with the transition to A Level:

Welcome to A Level - Workbook 1

Making the Leap - Workbook 2

Literary Critical Practices - Workbook 3

Critical Reading - Workbook 4

Love through the ages - Workbook 5

Evolution of the novel - Workbook 6

Love Poetry - Workbook 7


French Induction Booklet -Workbook Part A

French Induction Booklet -Workbook Part B

French Induction Booklet -Workbook Part C

French booklet - Booklet

Grammar book details - Information


Induction Booklet - Workbook

Reading List - Workbook 2

HIV/AIDS materials - Workbook 3

Holding the line materials - Workbook 4

How sustainable are you clothes? - Workbook 5


German Induction Booklet -Workbook Part A

German Induction Booklet -Workbook Part B

German Induction Booklet -Workbook Part C

German Grammar Book -Grammar Workbook

German Transition to L6 -Workbook

Grammar book details - Information


Welcome to A Level History Powerpoint - Workbook 1

Cold War Course Pack - Workbook 2

Cold War article - Workbook 3

British History Preparation - Workbook 4


Calculator information - Letter

Transition information - Letter

Transition to A Level work - Workbook

Transition work answers - https://www.mathspanda.com/ASMa.html


Transition work and questionnaire - Workbook


Transition work for A Level - Workbook

EPOC explained - Article

Impact of the industrial revolution on sport - Article

Principles of training - Article

Sport and Personality - Article


Foundations of Physics - Workbook 1

Transition Guide - Workbook 2


Please see further guidance and information here on the Plus One Programme - Volunteering is part of the Plus One programme and you should be planning this aspect during the summer, making contact with possible business or organisations and be ready to start this in the new term. This may be something you are already doing such as helping with Brownies, volunteering in a care home or an animal rescue which you can continue to do after school and we will build this into your timetable. If you are unable to find a volunteering placement or are unsure of where to start, then please indicate your interests on the form below as we are also able to offer volunteering opportunities within school e.g. helping in lower school lessons, assisting with sports, or gardening.

Volunteering Questionnaire

If you have any questions about the Plus One Programme, please contact Mrs Nelson at nelsonh@ripongrammar.com


US & comparative politics - Article

Transition Guide - Information


Transition work for A Level -Workbook


Transition work for A Level - Workbook


Spanish Induction Booklet - Workbook Part A

Spanish Induction Booklet - Workbook Part B

Spanish Induction Booklet - Workbook Part C

Spanish Transition to L6 - Workbook

Grammar book details - Information