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Aims of the Department

The study of the Greek and Roman civilisations and their languages deepens and enhances our understanding of the modern world and the influences that have shaped it. In addition these subjects offer academic rigour and training in thought and communication that is second to none. Our aim is to offer the challenges and rewards of studying the language, literature, art, history and philosophy of the Greeks and Romans to all students, awakening wherever possible an interest that will enrich their lives as much as it will their academic profile.

Students may have the opportunity to study Latin (if there is enough demand) and classical civilisation at GCSE and A level from the fourth form onwards. Ancient Greek may also available as an extra-curricular option. However, both of these would be subject to demand and availability.

Summary of subject content

Upper school (KS4/GCSE)

Classical civilisation

This subject offers the chance to study some of the most influential ideas, events and literature of the Greeks and Romans without requiring knowledge of the Greek and Latin languages. The study of the ancient world casts light both on the modern world and more specifically on other areas of the school curriculum, often in unexpected and delightful ways.

Topics currently studied include:

  • Homer’s Odyssey
  • Euripides’ Medea and the Ancient Greek Theatre
  • Nero and Imperial Rome (controlled assessment topic)
  • The Ancient Olympic Games and Panathenaia or Pompeii and Herculaneum

Exam board: AQA

Latin (subject to demand)

This may be available as an option to all students in the fourth and fifth forms. If the subject is offered students would have the opportunity to find out more about Latin in the third form before making their choice of options, and are encouraged to consider the following points:

  • GCSE Latin involves the rigorous study of grammar and so can greatly improve students’ command of English;
  • Learning Latin provides a helpful framework for the more rapid learning of any other language;
  • The detailed study of set texts provides a chance to hear what the Romans thought and wrote around two millennia ago in their own words;
  • The way in which set texts are analysed greatly improves students’ skills in understanding and appreciating literature generally;
  • A good grade at GCSE carries weight with universities;
  • This is a fast course – from scratch to GCSE in two years where many other schools allow at least twice the time. Students should be prepared for rapid and highly focused study.

Exam board: OCR

Lower and upper sixth

Classical civilisation

This subject can be taken at AS and A level not only by GCSE students of the subject who wish to take their studies further but also by those with no prior knowledge of the subject.

Topics currently studied include:

  • Homer’s Odyssey and Society
  • Roman Society and Thought
  • Epic: Virgil and Homer
  • Greek Art and Architecture

Exam board: OCR

Latin (subject to demand)

Students may have the opportunity to study both language and literature in greater depth for this very demanding and rewarding subject if it is offered at A level.

Latin is commonly studied alongside science and mathematics or arts and humanities, adding highly respected evidence of literacy to the former profile and of logical rigour to the latter.

Set texts currently include extracts from:

  • Cicero’s De Imperio
  • Ovid’s Metamorphoses
  • Virgil’s Aeneid
  • Tacitus’ Annals
  • Pliny’s Letters

Exam board: OCR

Trips, special projects, extra-curricular clubs/activities

The department offers Ancient Greek at lunchtime and after school for students. This can lead to a qualification such as OCR’s GCSE or AS level.

The department runs classics trips to Greece or Italy every two years.

Career opportunities

Students of classical subjects go on to many varied careers, not just as classics teachers. The skills inherent in these subjects are exceedingly transferable and highly regarded.

Reading lists

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Websites (Follow link to Nero Page)

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