Head of Department

Mr E Long

Teaching staff

Mr D Bruce
Mrs J Fell


The aim of the Politics Department is to develop a fascination for, and understanding of, the complex political system in which we live, the ideologies that underpin our political system, and also that of the partner in our ‘special relationship’; the United States of America.

Areas of responsibility

Mr Long: Teaching Politics of the USA. Head of Department.

Mrs Fell: Teaching Politics of the Britain.

Mr Bruce: Teaching Political Ideologies.

Summary of subject content:

Sixth Form (A Level)

Examined components are The Government and politics of the UK, The Government and politics of the USA & Comparative politics & Political ideas (Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism & Feminism).

Exam board: AQA (7152)

Please see the department’s Sharepoint area for a large number of resources relating to A-Level Politics.

Trips, special projects, extra-curricular clubs/activities

The department intends to organise a Lower Sixth trip to London and The Houses of Parliament in the second summer half term, and in the Easter term of Upper Sixth to Washington DC and other locations in the United States.

The department also runs a Senior Politics & History Society – The Cincinnati. Our aim is to continue to inspire young students into a love of the subject and to support students seeking to study Politics or related subjects at university through a programme of external speakers and enrichment opportunities.

Additional information

All teachers within the department share a passion for the discipline of Politics and seek to nurture students' enthusiasm for the subject. All teachers have particular fields of interest and are more than happy to lend students specialist texts ahead of university interview. The department has a very good range of books available and students can augment their understanding of topics from the ‘Death of Democracy’ to the origins of Socialism.