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The department aims to achieve the maximum potential of students studying business, teaching in the most interesting and stimulating way possible for students using a variety of methods to encourage the highest level of student response.

The subject requires at least 6 GCSEs at grade 6 or above (including mathematics and English). An interest in current affairs, the business news, and local and national businesses is important.

Summary of subject content

The courses follow the AQA specifications for A level. These courses introduce students to the challenges of running a business in a competitive environment including: financial planning, marketing, managing human resources and how to respond to changes in the economy and markets. Business is a multi-disciplinary subject, including aspects of economics, basic mathematics and psychology. Students are encouraged to consider social, legal and ethical issues arising out of business activity from the perspective of producers, consumers and government.

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Students are not put into sets according to ability; groups are established based on what is possible within the timetable.

Assessment for A level business includes questions that allow students to demonstrate their ability to draw together knowledge, skills and understanding from across the full course of study and provide extended responses full with analytical and evaluative points. 

A Level

There are 3 written papers lasting 2 hours each and worth 100 marks each. All 3 papers are equally weighted.

Paper 1 has 3 compulsory sections:

  • Section A has 15 multiple choice questions (MCQs) worth 15 marks.
  • Section B has short answer questions worth 35 marks.
  • Section C has two essay questions (choice of one from two and one from two) each worth 25 marks.

Paper 2 has 3 data response compulsory questions worth approximately 33 marks each and made up of 3 or 4-part questions.

Paper 3 has 1 compulsory case study followed by approximately 6 questions.

Additional revision sessions are an important part of the department’s commitment to student progress. AQA endorsed revision guides are available.

Additional Information

Students are able to take part in the Marketing Challenge and Young Enterprise.

Career Opportunities

A business-related degree provides students with a wide array of both subject-specific and transferable skills, all of which are highly sought after by employers. Visit