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Miss L Anderson

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The department aims to achieve the maximum potential of students studying economics, delivering teaching in the most interesting and stimulating way possible for students using a variety of methods to stimulate and encourage the highest level of student response.

The subject requires at least 6 GCSEs at grade 6 or above (including mathematics and English). An interest in current affairs is also important.

Summary of Subject Content

Economics helps students to understand aspects of current affairs relating to the economy and some of the forces that act upon us all as consumers, producers and citizens. It enables students to offer informed comment on economic problems and government economic policies. The course also provides a good knowledge of developments in the UK economy and government policies over the past 15 years.

The course places emphasis on analysing problems and alternative solutions, rather than merely describing them. Students are expected to actively participate in their learning by applying economics to current issues and presenting their own findings and opinions.

Our approach to economics is to apply economic theory to support analysis of current economic problems and issues.

Students are not put in sets according to ability; groups are established based on what is possible within the timetable.

A Level

There are 3 written papers, all 2 hours long and worth 80 marks each. All 3 papers are equally weighted. All the question papers are compulsory.

Paper 1: Markets and market failure

Paper 2: The national and international economy

Section A: data response questions requiring written answers, choice of 1 from 2 contexts worth 40 marks.

Section B: essay questions requiring written answers, choice of 1 from 3 worth 40 marks.

Paper 3: Economic principles and Issues

Section A: multiple choice questions worth 30 marks.

Section B: case study questions requiring written answers, worth 50 marks.

Additional revision sessions are an important part of the department’s commitment to student progress. AQA endorsed revision guides are available.

Additional Information

Students have the opportunity to join the Economics Society and to attend lessons given by outside speakers.

Career Opportunities

A degree in economics provides you with a wide array of both subject-specific and transferable skills, all of which are highly sought after by employers. Visit