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We aim to equip pupils with the skills and knowledge they need to make the most of their lives. PSHCEe covers everything from politics to personal safety and encourages pupils to examine their own views and feelings and to consider those of others.

Summary of Subject Content

Lower School (KS3)

Pupils have 1 40-minute lesson of PSHCEe each week. The groups are of mixed ability and taught as a form. There are also a number of additional PSHCEe activities during the school year.

PSHCEe is assessed within the school by one formal examination one formal examination in the summer term. Students’ progress is also assessed termly using the work done in class, in end of unit assessments and during activities.

First Form course content:

  • Introduction to PSHCEe
  • Active citizenship - Role of charities
  • Personal well-being – friendships, mindfulness, healthy lifestyles
  • Growing up and puberty
  • Enterprise
  • Study skills

Second Form course content:

  • Personal safety – e-safety
  • Careers – Step Into the NHS / Building for the Future job application
  • Risky behaviour – smoking
  • Active citizenship – litter
  • Personal finance
  • Personal wellbeing - Self esteem

Third Form course content:

  • Human rights and civil liberties
  • Risky behaviour – drugs and alcohol use
  • Personal well-being – sex and relationships education (SRE)
  • Citizenship – community links
  • Careers – making choices
  • Enterprise
  • Politics and democracy

Upper School and Sixth Form

There are no PSHCEe lessons at KS4 or the sixth form, instead PSHCEe is delivered through the curriculum, in form time and through various special events.

KS4 students have more careers and work related events along with some work on sexually transmitted infections, alcohol awareness and study skills.

PSHCEe in the sixth form is delivered through enrichment sessions.

Trips, Special Projects, Extra-curricular Clubs/Activities

Events vary from year to year but may include:

  • Enterprise Day (link with NYBEP / Harrogate & District schools)
  • Crime Beat (link with North Yorkshire Police)
  • National Trust Challenge (link with Fountains Abbey / school library)
  • Kashmiri Day
  • Visit to Houses of Parliament
  • Fresh Knowledge workshop on SRE
  • Bewerley Park Outdoor Education Centre residential course
  • Building for the Future (Engineering project)